Eight Causes of Diabetes(Sugar)

Today we will talk about the reason for the sugar(Causes of Diabetes) because in India diabetes is spreading a lot. Due to being hereditary, this disease is making its prey to generation after generation. Young people are becoming victims of this disease at an extremely young age.

Causes of Diabetes


Sugar is a hereditary disease. If there is a disease of sugar in your family, such as a mother or father or brother, then you will also get more chances of getting sugar. The best way to avoid this is that you should be alert beforehand and take special care of food and keep checking your sugar level too.

Irregular catering

Neglectfulness in eating can make you a patient of sugar. Make a balanced time of food and at that time do the food. Some people do not take breakfast in the morning, and when the afternoon looks hungry, they eat too much, which makes it difficult for this body to digest. So eat it in a balanced form. If you are hungry, you must eat food and eat light food in the evening.

Taking less sleep

Chances of getting sugar in patients with fewer sleep-time increases. Sometimes sleeping is a normal thing but if you are continuously sleeping then be careful. Sugar disease makes prey to such people.

Intake of Too much Food

Much food is not only harmful to the digestive system but it can also make you a patient of sugar. Some people do not have control at all and they eat bitterly, and such people often eat more than their capacity. Some great person has said that to fill the stomach, not to fill the mind … so eat as much food as it needs. Diet is also the reason for eating more than necessary.


Fat people fall prey to sugar syrup easily or say that diabetes mostly occurs to obese people. Keep obesity in control because obesity can make you a victim of other diseases other than sugar.

Staying tension

Doctors believe that in excess stress, our sugar level increases. If you are constantly surrounded by conditions like stress or depression then be cautious. Those who become more stressful, increase the risk of sugar.

Not performing Physical work

People who work on the chair in the office throughout the day and do not exercise at all, the chances of getting sugary disease increase by 80%. For physical digestion, a little physical exercise is extremely important. Physical inactivity directly affects your immune system. So do a little exercise regularly.

Intake of Junk Food

All the junk foods that are there, do not have the strength or energy that your body needs but all of them, fat, oil, all this is very much. Constant use of these affects your digestibility. People who eat more junk food become victims of sugar.


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