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1 in 10 children of school going age has Diabetes


Cases of diabetes in children are increasing rapidly

Recently, Nick Jonas, the husband of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, told during an interview that he was under the grip of diabetes at the age of 13. If we look at the figures, having diabetes in childhood is no longer a shocking thing. 1 out of every 10 children of school going age has diabetes. This is also evident in the recently released results of the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS) 2016-18 conducted on 5 to 9 year olds and 10 to 19 year olds. It has also been learned that 1 percent of these children are diabetic patients.

10% of children up to the age of 19 pre-diabetic

A report released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, UNICEF and the Population Council shows that 10 percent of children up to the age of 19 have a pre-diabetic state, which may later become diabetic.

  1. 1.3 percent of children between 5-7 years diabetes
  2. 1.1 percent of children between 8-9 years of diabetes
  3. 0.7 percent of children between 10-14 years of diabetes
  4. 0.5 percent of children between 15-19 years Diabetes

Causes of diabetes at an early age

According to the report, blood sugar levels in children have been found to be higher than normal due to food and lifestyle, which further increases the risk of type-2 diabetes. At the same time, this risk is about 90 percent in all these cases of diabetes. Talking about diabetes in Indian teenagers, in 2016, about 7.2 million children had diabetes, which has increased now.

These are also Reason for diabetes in children

  1. Pre-diabetes problems in the family
  2. Children whose immune system is weak
  3. Even in obese children, the risk is more
  4. In children who consume more sugar, chocolate and sweets
  5. Due to lack of physical activity also increases their risk. is

Symptoms of diabetes in children

Due to this, the sugar level of the children increases abnormally, due to which they feel very thirsty, their appetite increases, children start getting tired and sluggish, without any reason body trembling, weight loss, blurring, etc. Problems start coming.

Treatment of diabetes in children

  1. Ayurvedic therapy from Patanjali is given to children with diabetes.
  2. Eat plenty of food on time
  3. Keep children away from refined carbohydrates, sugar, sweets, fine white bread, pastries, soda and junk food
  4. Ask to drink lot of water and keep them away from drinks like soda, juice or squash.
  5. Keep getting blood sugar tests done on time.
  6. Visit Doctor time to time

Keep these things in mind too

  1. Make a habit of exercising and exercising the child regularly –
  2. Encourage them to play outdoor games instead of indoor –
  3. Inform the child’s school teacher and friends, so that they can help him like remind him/her to drink water, stop eating sugar food in school.
  4. Parents themselves can also take sugar test but this doesn’t mean that you test sugar daily.
  5. Show sugar test results to your doctor.

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