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Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms, Causes and Ayurvedic Treatments


There are 410 million people in the world suffering from diabetes and 90% of them are “diabetic type 2”. Its Symptoms do not appear many times in the beginning, but when the disease increases, then the person has to face a lot of problems.

What is Diabetes Type 2

This disease of diabetes has been associated with obesity. Statistics show that for the past several decades, obesity and diabetes type 2 illnesses have increased parallelly. In this disease, the amount of insulin hormone in the body of the person is greatly reduced and the blood glucose increases in the blood.

When diabetes increases too much, then the person has to take “insulin” injections and medicines. People who take insulin externally should continue to check their blood regularly.

In Bharat (India), the first thing about diabetes type 2 was described by Maharishi and doctor “Charak and Sushruta”. Charaka and Sushrut had described type 2 diabetes as an obesity-related disease in 400-500 BC.

It’s Serious results

Type 2 diabetes occurs mostly to people 35 or older. Doctors believe that this disease can reduce a person’s life by 10 years. In addition, chronic problems of kidney failure, liver problems, blindness, and heart disease also increase by 50%.

Nearly 2 percent of the world’s people have been blindfolded due to type 2 diabetes. In this way, you can understand how deeply this disease leaves deep negative effects on all the organs of the body.

Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms

If you have symptoms of type 2 diabetes, then immediately check your blood as it is the only treatment for this type 2 sugar “to control it”. If you do not control type 2 sugar in time, many diseases can take birth in your body. The symptoms of type 2 sugar are as follows

  1. Recurrent urination
  2. Over thirst
  3. Extremely Hungry
  4. Tiredness without any reason – Weakness, unwell
  5. Sleepiness always
  6. Hand trembling legs
  7. Feeling of numbness in the legs
  8. Sudden weight loss or incidence
  9. Blurry vision
  10. Scarlet marks around the genitals or armpits
  11. Filling the wounds
  12. Peeing more than 3 times at night
  13. Drying mouth

These are the main symptoms. All these symptoms can be considered as the initial symptoms and do not ignore them. According to a survey, about 46% of patients with diabetes are still “Undiagnosed” ie 46% of the patients are neither conscious nor controlling their sugar, so this disease is spreading rapidly.

It’s Reasons

  1. Genetic (If there is someone already in the family then you may be too)
  2. Stressful life
  3. Irregular Catering
  4. Obesity
  5. Sleep complete
  6. Lack of physical labor
  7. Eating more allopathy medicines
  8. By eating more medicines in pregnancy, the child may have diabetes

It’s Treatment

In order to treat it, one must first concentrate on his daily routine. Due to poor lifestyle and lack of essential nutrients in the diet, diabetes can occur at an early age. Here are some ways to treat it.

  1. Stroll for 30 minutes daily in the morning
  2. Do the morning breakfast
  3. Avoid Catering
  4. Do not eat more fat things
  5. Stop the use of sugar made
  6. Eat Brown Rice instead of White Rice
  7. Eat food three hours before bedtime
  8. Have plenty of sleep
  9. Avoid Stress
  10. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol
  11. Exercise for half an hour daily
  12. Eat green vegetables
  13. Do not drink juice
  14. Eat fresh fruits

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