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Duckweed will help control diabetes!


Duckweed growing in water has been considered a good aid in fighting diabetes in research. A glass shake of this proved to be helpful in controlling blood sugar levels.

Duckweed Mankai May Help In Regulating Blood Sugar Count And Diabetes

Duckweed growing in water is beneficial for patients with diabetes. Research has revealed that if you drink a glass shake of this plant daily, it helps to control blood sugar levels. Researchers at the Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have done this research.

In this study, 20 obese people were asked to drink a Duckweed Mancoy’s Shack or Shake of Curd which contains carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and calories instead of eating dinner.
All these people were monitored for two weeks with the help of glucose sensors. At the same time, the participants were asked to keep their diet, daily activity, sleep the same as normal days.

Its findings were explained in a public study at the American Diabetes Association. Accordingly, participants who drank the shake of duckweed were found to have a decrease in their blood glucose levels. This quantity remained normal after eating and during fasting. The results were much better than those who drank the curd. At the same time, people who drink manky shake kept their stomach full longer than those who drink curd.

The special thing is that this plant grows fast with being alive for a long time. Protein content has also been found to be much higher than plants such as soy and spinach.

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