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Early Symptoms of Diabetes


Most Early Symptoms of Diabetes:

Dryness of the mouth, frequent urination and excessive thirst are all symptoms of diabetes

which people ignore in the beginning, but as the disease progresses, its serious consequences start coming.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, we tend to ignore minor problems because we have less time and work too much, we have to earn money and we have to run our families as well. In such a situation, we do not pay attention to our health at all.

Symptoms of diabetes start appearing much before the onset of “diabetes” disease. If they are identified in time, then diabetes is eliminated from the beginning but if the diabetes is increased once it does not leave for life.

Symptoms Of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is found mostly in children and adolescents. When the baby is in the mother’s stomach, the child may have type 1 diabetes due to the mother’s wrong diet. Let’s know its symptoms –

Diabetes Type – 1 Symptom

Bad Mouth odor

Keep checking the child from time to time. In type 1 diabetes, the child starts smelling like fruits from the mouth. Do not ignore it.

Dry skin

The skin becomes dry. Hands, feet, and lips also remain dry.


In this diabetes, a person’s hands, and feet start trembling without any reason.


Laziness always prevails in children. He does not mind even in sports and studies.

Weak Eyes

Children have difficulty recognizing letters and begin to look quite blurred at a young age.

Frequent Urination and Thirst

Despite child drinking water also seems to thirst and starts repeatedly problem to urinate.

Breathing Problem

Diabetes has a big negative impact on the heart of a person, due to which children start complaining of difficulty in breathing.

Weakness and Weight Loss

Even after eating too much, a person feels a lot of weakness from inside and starts losing weight.

In type 1 diabetes, the formation of insulin in a person’s body stops completely. After this, one has to take an insulin pill or injection.

This disease remains with the person throughout his life. Diabetes cannot be eliminated from the root, it can only be controlled.
By Modern Medical Science

Diabetes Can Be Totally Eliminated By Yoga and Ayurved.
By Ayurved

Diabetes Type – 2 Symptom

Frequent Urination

In diabetes, the amount of glucose in a person’s blood becomes more than necessary. When this glucose starts obstructing the blood flow, then our body starts to take out excess glucose through urine. That is why a person starts complaining of frequent urination.

Excessive Thirst

When a person goes to urinate frequently, there is a lack of water in his body, due to which the person feels strong thirst again and again. Now once again to drink water and urinate frequently becomes an order

Blurry Vision

When glucose starts to rise, it also affects the retina of a person’s eyes, which causes the patient to see everything blurred. However, after some time when the glucose level becomes normal then it starts to appear again. Sometimes appearing clear and sometimes blurred is a sign of diabetes.

Excessive Hunger

When a person eats and as a result of eating food, glucose starts to form in the body. Insulin is produced in very small amounts in the body of a diabetic patient and this insulin converts glucose into energy and gives energy to the muscles. But due to low insulin in diabetes, glucose is not completely converted into energy and the person’s muscles remain hungry.

Because of this, a person has a fast appetite even after having a full meal.

Non-Healing Wounds

In diabetes, the resistance of a person’s body starts to decrease significantly. Because of this, even if a small scratch occurs on the body, it does not heal quickly and turns into a big wound. Leg or injured knee is not right for months | Early healing of wounds is a hallmark of diabetes.

All-day Fatigue

In diabetes, a person feels tired throughout the day. Even after waking up in the morning, one does not feel refreshed, it seems as if hard work has been done and the whole body is broken. In such a situation it becomes very difficult to work in the office. Initially, people think that work will be tired, but when fatigue is persistent, then it should not be ignored.

Always Feeling Sleepy and Lazy

One always experiences laziness in the body. This happens because the blood flow of the person in diabetes gets spoiled due to which the body parts remain sluggish.

It does not feel like working. Even after sleeping through the night, sleeplessness remains throughout the day, these are all symptoms of diabetes type 2.

Pain in Whole Body Pain

In diabetes, a person has pain throughout the body. It pains especially in the back and legs, the person’s feet are always tired badly. It does not feel like going anywhere, these are the hallmarks of type 2 diabetes.

Excessive Weight Loss

We have told you in detail above that in diabetes, a person’s muscles remain hungry and they are unable to get full energy, due to which the person starts losing weight and his ability to work also decreases. On the contrary, the weight of some people suddenly starts increasing rapidly, this is also the hallmark of diabetes.

Numbness of Extremities

Due to poor blood flow in diabetes, hands and feet sometimes feel tingling or numbness. This happens because the blood passage is blocked.

Trembling Feet

Diabetic person’s muscles do not get as much energy as they should get, so many times the legs start trembling without any reason. This happens mostly when the person has been hungry for a long time.

Always be Sick

The increase in glucose in the blood is very dangerous because it affects the efficiency of all the organs of the body one after the other. The person’s body’s ability to fight against diseases decreases because of this, this person often remains vulnerable to diseases. Sometimes fever, sometimes pain, etc. are always ill.

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