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Abstinence in Sugar: What to Eat and What Should Not in Sugar


By avoiding sugar, diabetes can be eliminated by 60%. In the body of the patient of the sugar, the insulin hormone is formed in very small amounts, let it be known that this insulin hormone changes the glucose present in the body into glycogen.

When the insulin is depleted, the amount of glucose in the body increases more than usual and diabetes mellitus is born. The doctor advises diabetics to exercise daily and also to take special care of the catering.

If avoided is done properly, then the sugar can be controlled by up to 60% and for the remaining 40% control, you can exercise. Diabetic patients should not eat high fat and high-calorie contents. Let us elaborate on how to avoid diabetes

Abstinence in Sugar

What to eat in sugar

What do many people eat in sugar? They are unaware of it and reduce food intake, due to which their body starts weakening. Sugar patients do things like eating less or fasting.

So, first of all, know what you have to eat and then eat it accordingly. Sugar is a disease, you do not need to starve or eat less but need balanced food. You eat the same sugar as always in the control.

  1. In the fruits, you eat apples, pomegranate, guava, Jamun, melon, bell fruit, papaya, pears, oranges, cherries, and seasonal fruits. Start your day only by eating fruits and try that fruits should be eaten in a limited quantity.
  2. Vegetables include bitter gourds, lemon, amla, tomato, cucumber, ghee, cilantro, gourd, fenugreek, turnip, spinach, beta, guava pods, capsicum, carrot, mustard greens, radish, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, tomatoes Can eat all vegetables
  3. Diabetic patients should eat foods containing a low glycemic index, these are things which gradually change into glucose and insulin does not have to work much harder. These include green leafy vegetables, white egg white, brown rice, soya, black gram, moong dal, mushrooms, spinach, carrots, and rajma.
  4. Low glycemic indexes are slowly converted to glucose, due to which the stomach is full and does not allow the patient’s sugar to grow.
  5. Fenugreek, cinnamon, parsley, turmeric, garlic, pepper in spices. Garlic You can also eat raw and put 1 teaspoon Fenugreek night in a glass of water and keep it in the morning, it is very beneficial in fenugreek sugar.
  6. Dry foods can eat almonds, walnuts, dried fruits. Put a habit of eating 4 almonds and 2 walnuts daily
  7. Take cheese with low-fat cheese, curd, and milk in things made from milk as well as double tone. You can use black salt in curd and drink buttermilk. Drink tea, drink squeezed and take a faded or brine biscuit together
  8. Garnish with wheat flour, black gram, barley, rajma, gram dal, millet, Sattu, porridge, oats, soybeans, and whole grains in grains.
  9. In the juice can take aloe vera juice, bitter gourd juice, spinach juice, cucumber juice, and amla juice.
  10. Make neem leaves and bitter gourd powder and eat it, and do not expect it to be beneficial immediately, but continuous consumption of it brings far-reaching benefits.

Abstinence in Sugar

  1. First of all, sweet foods like sugar, sugar, jaggery, sugarcane, sugarcane juice, chocolate, ice cream, honey, cake, and sugar must be stopped immediately.
  2. Eat biscuits with tea and eat faintly. If the sugar is in good control then salt can eat biscuits
  3. Drink least glycemic indexes. If they are high glycemic index they are converted to glucose very quickly and the level of sugar increases very high; things made from flour are rice, grapes, noodles, pizzas, and do not eat them.
  4. Do not drink juice because it contains a lot of sugar, if you have to drink juice, you can eat fruits directly.
  5. Cold drinks and canned juice contain too much sugar, stay away from them.
  6. Do not drink condensed milk. Drink milk and drink milk with no fat and low fat.
  7. Reduce the intake of bread and cornflour as it also comes in things like high glycemic index
  8. Frozen things such as samosas, Pakodas, powders, parathas, and kachoris are also harmful because these things increase cholesterol.
  9. Even before eating vegetables, special attention should be eaten only vegetables that contain less sugar and carbohydrate. Drink potatoes, beetroot, Arabic, sweet potato, etc. in very small quantities; Carbohydrate is very high in these
  10. Use salt intake in small quantities as salt makes blood pressure high and can cause swelling in the feet of diabetic patients.
  11. Diabetic patients should avoid fasting as fasting can reduce sugar levels
  12. Use less greasy things such as ghee and coconut oil immediately.
  13. Do not eat rice. If rice is eaten, then brown rice can be eaten and do not grow well while cooking rice
  14. Do not consume all the things made from plain bread, tandoori roti, Maggi, pasta, pastries, cottage, etc.
  15. Do not eat tomato sauce, sweet curd, more sugar syrup, canned fruit
  16. Avoid popcorn, pickle, semolina, fatty cottage cheese, marmalade, etc.
  17. Petha, chewing gum, sweets, burgers, cream rolls, sugar candy, do not eat them all
  18. Do not drink alcohol. If you have to drink alcohol then consult a doctor, then only take alcohol because it can cause the condition of hypoglycemia. This is the situation when the level of sugar falls drastically so that one can go to coma too.
  19. Do not eat leeks, leeks, grapes in the fruit, squeezed, watermelon, mango, ripe
  20. Dine at regular times. Doctors say that the patient should eat the food before sunset in the evening.
  21. Do not eat more food than you need in greed for taste. If the stomach is feeling full, do not eat too much
  22. Stay away from fruit juices as there are too much calorie and sugar in it.
  23. Do not eat butter, potato chips, chocolate biscuits, jam
  24. Keep distance from worms, sugarcane, Chaumen, more onions

The diabetic patient should eat all these things in mind only. Diabetic patients do not eat too much food together, but eat some meals a little while in a while so that insulin does not have trouble turning the glucose into glycogen.

Whatever you eat, sugar is made of glucose. The hormone insulin is secretion from the pancreatitis of our body. It converts insulin glucose into energy and this energy is stored by our muscles.

When insulin is not formed in the correct amount or does not work correctly, the amount of glucose in the body increases greatly and there is also a lack of energy in the body.

Sugar patients should make their diet plan according to the above-mentioned things and do regular exercise. Keeping the right foods, you can lead a normal life despite having a disease of sugar.

Friends In this article we have told you about avoiding diabetes if you have any questions in your mind, then feel free to ask us questions. Thanks !!

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