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How to Control your sugar at Home


These Ayurvedic methods of reducing sugar will help 100% of diabetic patients reduce sugar levels. Those who have an elevated level of sugar, or despite their efforts, are not getting sugar level control. For those people, we have come with Ayurvedic treatment of sugar.

Sugar disease is called “mother” of all diseases because as soon as the gut flows into the gutters, the person begins to engage in many other diseases. The biggest problem with the patients of sugar is that there is no cure for this disease that lives with it all the time.

But with the right diet and regular lifestyle, you can control the sugar levels. If your sugar level remains in good control then you can survive a healthy life despite being a disease and how to keep sugar in level control. The answer to this question is we are going to tell

Measures to reduce sugar levels

Get rid of stress

Most important for the patient of sugar that he is always happy. As soon as you take some tension, the level of sugar in the body starts increasing, so, first of all, keep your mood good. Read good books, watch some comedy films.

Believe as the sugar increases as soon as the tension is taken, the person becomes happy and calm as soon as the sugar goes back to the same level as normal. You can do yoga for keeping your mind calm and relaxed.

Morning walk is most important

Doctors first recommend this to the patients of sugar that in the morning half an hour walk. A person suffering from diabetes should go for a walk in the morning and half an hour daily, improving the sugar levels.

Run those who can race and can not run if they can run and try to walk a bit faster and do not move too fast then just slow down but do not stop walking in the morning. I guarantee that you will not need to take sugar syrup after walking in the morning.

Sugar Reduction Tips and Home Remedies

Fenugreek controls sugar

Fenugreek is easily available in the market. Put one teaspoon of fennel in a glass of water daily in the evening. In the morning, you can drink this water empty stomach and chew the fenugreek if desired. Sugar level had increased, it will come down sharply.

Jamun best fruits

Jamun’s fruit is best for sugar patients. Dry the seeds of Jamun and grind them and make a fine powder. Keep this powder in a compartment and keep it with a spoonful of water per day. Using its daily use, miraculous benefits will be seen in sugar.

Bitter gourd juice is nectar.

For diabetic patients, bitter gourd juice is similar to nectar. Take a bitter gourd juice and drink it daily. In the beginning, you will feel very bitter about this, you can add some water to the juice. Bitter gourd juice is effective and its far-reaching benefits are also very high.

Use of Basil leaves

Basil leaves contain anti-oxidant elements which help control the patient’s sugar levels and also helps control blood pressure in the body. By chewing the empty stomach leaves of 2 to 4 basil leaves the immune system increases and the sugar level decreases.

Use of cinnamon spices

Cinnamon is used as a spice. Cinnamon is also an Ayurvedic medicine, its use is cured many diseases. It is also very beneficial for sugar patients. Make cinnamon powder and take it with water. The ingredients present in cinnamon help in the form of insulin hormones, but remember that consuming more cinnamon may be harmful. Therefore it is necessary to consume it in the right amount.

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Use of mango leaves

The fruits of mango are harmful to sugar patients because the sugar is very high but mango leaves are very useful in the treatment of sugar. At night, soak the leaves of mango in a glass of water. Drink this water in the morning and remove the leaves. This will control the level of sugar.

Jowre is the Divine Drug

For those people whose sugar is always growing, the use of sorghum will prove very beneficial. Fill a little water in a small pot or some utensil and put wheat seeds in it. When the leaves of wheat go out, cut off these small leaves and this is called “Jwar”. Now take these leaves. Next time when the leaves of wheat begin to leave again, cut them off again. This is a Divine drug for patients of type 2 diabetes.

Drink Aloe vera juice

You must have heard the name of Aloe Vera. It is helpful in treating not two but thousands of diseases. By drinking the juice of Aloe vera in the morning, the level of sugar is automatically controlled. You may want to eat aloe vera and eat it, it is beneficial for the whole body.

Drink Gooseberry juice

Gooseberry is very beneficial for sugar patients. If Gooseberry is easily available then you can eat it by cutting it raw. Take out the juice of the gooseberry and drink it in the morning and the sugar control is done. If you want, you can also drink the juice of gooseberry juice in the aloe vera juice.

Drink Green Tea Daily

Green tea drinkers are very beneficial for people who are very fat and have a lot of sugar. Green tea contains antioxidant elements that also reduce the body’s obesity and keep the level of sugar in control. Sugar patients should eat green tea daily in the morning.

Have a lot of sleep

Sleeping is also a cause of sugar intake. People who sleep less than 8 hours increase the chances of getting sugar syrup. Sugar patients should take 8 hours to 9 hours of sleep.

Drink plenty of water

Sugar patients have to go to urinate again and again. When the quantity of sugar in the body increases very much, then it starts going out of the body through urination. Drinking urine again due to frequent urination can cause water loss, so the patients of sugar should drink plenty of water.

So, friends, we understand that the measures we have been told will all work very well for you.

There is a request from me to all the sugar patients that if you have sugar, do not be disappointed at all as it has now become a common disease. If you follow the above rules correctly, your sugar level will always remain in control so remove anxiety from your mind and lead a healthy and happy life.

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