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How to make Jamun powder beneficial for diabetes patients


Consuming the powder of jamun kernels reduces fasting sugar. The causes are jambosis and jambolin elements found in berries. Those who control the sugar level and the disease do not dominate.

For the patients of diabetes, not only the fruit of berries but also the kernels of berries is sufficiently beneficial. Then as the outbreak of this disease started increasing in our society, different types of products prepared from berries started coming to the market. But if you eat the fruit of berries in season and use jamun kernel powder during rest of the time, it can help a lot in prevention of diabetes.

This is how it works

Experts have found in many different studies that the consumption of jamun kernel powder reduces fasting sugar. The causes are jambosis and jambolin elements found in berries. The quality of these elements is that they greatly detonate the process of converting starch into sugar with food. In such a situation, the quantity of blood sugar is not increased suddenly and the patient gets relief.

This is how to make the powder of berries

You can get the powder of berries at herbal medicine shop or at Ayurvedic medical stores. But if you want, you can prepare it at home too. For this, dry the berries in the shade for 10 to 15 days and then peel them and grind them and store them. You can eat jamun pulp or make a shake of it.

Keep these things in mind

  1. If you have undergone any kind of surgery or are preparing to have it, then you must consult your doctor before using this powder.
  2. Pregnant women should also consume this powder only after consulting to doctor. Otherwise don’t take.
  3. You can use this powder as a medicine not only for the prevention of disease but also for the prevention of disease. But do this only after the advice of a doctor.

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