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Make Sugar Medicines at Home


Fenugreek, bitter gourd, aloe vera should be used as sugar medication. Diabetes Medicines made in the home does not have any side effects and it gives 100% good results.

Sugar has become a very common disease in India. Diabetes is spreading so rapidly that India is going to be called the capital of sugar. The modern stressful lifestyle is making people a victim of diabetes disease.

Working all day in the office and not being able to take time out for exercise, it is rusting the body of all the people. After this, when people get into the gut of sugar, they consume expensive medicines, but these medicines gradually deform our kidneys, heart, liver, etc. In this post I tell you about the indigestion of sugar, which will benefit you very much.

Indigenous medicine of sugar

To make Ayurvedic medicines for sugar, dry fenugreek seeds, dry kernels of berries, bell leaves, sharp leaves dry them all in the sun. After drying, grind these fours and prepare a powder. Fill this powder in a bottle.

Method of making powder –

100 gms – Fenugreek seeds
100 grams – leaves of fast
150 grams – seeds of Jamun
250 grams – leaves of the vine

Grind the four to dry in the sun and sugar syrup is ready.

This will work as a panacea of powdered sugar. Take the morning stomach with a spoonful of hot water and keep in mind that you have to take this powder at least one hour before breakfast. In the same manner, take one teaspoon of this powder with hot water one hour before eating it in the evening.

This medicine acts as a medicinal medicine in the disease of sugar.

Diabetes medecines

Bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd provides special benefits to patients of Sugar. Drink a glass of bitter gourd juice in the morning and drink curry’s vegetables too. If the juice of bitter gourd is bitter, then add some quantity of water to it.

Basil leaves

Basil is a plant that works in many diseases. Chew the empty stomach 4 leaves of Tulsi every morning. This will reduce the level of sugar itself. Basil contains anti-oxidant elements which facilitate the actions of your stomach.

Fenugreek seeds

Put a spoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water at night. When you wake up in the morning, filter this water and drink this water in the empty stomach. Fenugreek seeds are chewed after drinking water. Fenugreek controls the growing sugar immediately.

Green tea

Green tea helps to reduce obesity and to control sugar levels. Drink one cup of green tea daily in the morning. The elements present in it remove excess fat from the body and bring special benefits to the patient in the sugar.

Mango leaves

Mango is the favorite fruit of all but unfortunately, the consumption of mangoes of sugar is very harmful, but mango leaves provide great benefits in the merger of sugar. Soak the mango leaves soaked in water at night. Take this water in the empty stomach in the morning, it has sugar control.

Cinnamon Spice

Cinnamon is a spice can be found in all houses. It is also used as a sugar syrup. In the morning empty stomach takes a little cinnamon powder with hot water. Those who say that their sugar is always going to increase, they will benefit greatly. Remember, too much intake of cinnamon is also damaged.

Blackberry Kernels

Diabetic patients should eat the Blackbery lot. After eating Blackberry, collect all those kernels that are saved and dry them in the sun. Now grind these dry kernels and make them powder. Drinking this powder with warm water in the morning empty stomach will benefit in sugar.

Linseed seed

Crush linseed seeds and make them chopped. By taking this powder with empty stomach hot water in the morning, sugar is very beneficial. The fiber is very high in linseed seeds which absorbs the extracellular sugar in the body.

Aloe vera juice

All of you will know about the miraculous properties of Aloe vera. Drinking a glass of aloe vera daily in the morning, the sugar control of the sugar is leveled and it gives good results for a long time. Aloe vera can also drink a little bitter gourd juice in the juice.

 Triphala powder

Triphala’s powder removes many problems. In fact, due to the problems in vaat, bile, and cough, diseases are born in the body. Take a teaspoon Triphala powder with hot milk in the evening. Daily consumption will get special benefits in sugar.

Continual exercise

Diabetes mellitus is mostly those people who are physically disabled. Therefore, exercising is very important in the morning in the disease of sugar. Go for a walk in the morning and if possible, then run a 10 to 15 minute race.

Let me tell you clearly that no medicine will give you the same benefit as the walking of the morning will benefit you. So heat, rain, rain, but do not forget to walk for 30 minutes in the morning.

Do yoga

Kapalbhati is the most beneficial yoga for diabetic patients. We have already told about this Yoga in an article. We are linking you to this and you must also read this article as it is necessary to show the necessary yoga for the treatment of sugar.

Friends, all these sugar medicines will benefit you very much. We want our India to become the capital of health but not the capital of sugar. You can use the recipe that you think is easy, and do not forget about walking in the morning. If you have any questions from us, then you can ask us by comment.

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