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Symptoms of Diabetes, Side Effects and Ways to Control


In the initial stage, people ignore the symptoms of sugar such as frequent urination, fatigue throughout the day, excessive thirst, blurry vision and when the sugar increases significantly, it starts to have a bad effect on the kidney, heart and liver. If the symptoms of sugar are identified in the beginning, then it can be controlled to a great extent very easily.

Diabetes disease is increasing very fast in our country. Due to the deteriorating lifestyle of people, bad food quality, stress and nutritional deficiency, this disease is making people of all ages a victim today.

Why is diabetes disease increasing rapidly

People’s stressful life, working under pressure, get angry easily, all these things affect our body’s pancreas. In stress conditions, the beta cells of the pancreas begin to “degenerate”, due to which insulin hormone is not able to function properly and thus the disease of diabetes is born.

Apart from this, when the sugar starts increasing a lot, the level of cholesterol in our body also increases. The cholesterol starts to stick around the muscles of the body and makes the function of insulin difficult and then the sugar present in the blood is not able to convert into glycogen and the sugar remains in our blood and this is where the disease of sugar starts to develop.

Frequent Urination

This is the earliest symptom of sugar. When sugar starts increasing in the body, the body starts taking it out of the urethra. In such a situation, the person starts to urinate frequently and the problem gets aggravated when one has to go for frequent urination even at night. Do not ignore this symptom and check yourself immediately.

Numbness of Hands and Foot

This is also the initial symptom of sugar. Sometimes, sitting suddenly suddenly feels like numbness in the arms and legs. At times, it seems like an ant bite on the hands and legs. If your hands and feet start to twitch or your hands and feet tremble without any reason, then you should immediately check your sugar level with a doctor.

Excessive fatigue

It is normal to feel tired when we work too hard, but the problem arises when the body starts feeling very tired without any reason. As the sugar level increases in the body, our blood circulation also gets affected and hence all the organs in the body feel tired. In such a situation, the patient should get his blood checked immediately.

Blurry vision

When the sugar level starts increasing, it starts negatively affecting the retina of the eyes. Sometimes people start seeing blurred and sometimes everything looks clear. Actually, when the amount of sugar in the body increases, then the person starts looking blurred and when the sugar becomes normal then it starts to look clear. In such a situation, a diabetes test is very important.

Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Feeling hungry very excessively

A person starts feeling very hungry. Many times, shortly after eating food, again there is a strong appetite. Many people ignore it as just normal hunger. Actually, in diabetes disease, the sugar that is produced in the body after eating food is not converted into energy, due to which the muscles do not get enough energy and start feeling hungry again. At this stage consult a doctor immediately.

Excessive thirst

As we mentioned above, when level of sugar increases, the person goes to urinate frequently. Due to this, there is lack of water in the body, due to which the person starts feeling more thirsty. Even after drinking water in sugar, the thirst does not quench. Such a person should immediately check for sugar.

Late healing of wounds

When sugar level starts growing it affects every part of the body. Even with a small wound on the body, it does not heal easily. Sometimes pus and rotten conditions occur in a small wound. Little pimple also take a lot of time to get right. These are the initial symptoms of sugar that need to be Checked.

Feeling Always Sleepy

When sugar level increases, the patient does not feel like doing any work, he always experiences laziness.Whether it is office or home, working day or holiday day, the person does not feel like doing anything and always sleeps.Due to this, many people find it difficult to work in the office. Do not ignore this symptom and get it checked soon.

Skin Dryness

Due to the increase in sugar in the body, the blood flow starts to be greatly affected. Due to this, sweat glands also do not work properly and there is always dryness in the body. Dryness is felt everywhere in the eyes, on the skin.

Dry mouth

As we said earlier, frequent urination leads to lack of water and due to this the person’s mouth is always dry. Winter or summer, one always experiences dryness of the mouth. It can be dangerous to ignore such a situation

Infection on genitals

Increasing glucose levels reduces a person’s immunity. Women and men get infections on the genitals repeatedly. Many times red marks like peel or scraper appear around the genitals. Many times there are such marks near the side too. In this case, get your blood tested.

Rapid weight loss or increase

A person starts feeling very hungry due to sugar, due to which he starts eating more. The side effect of this is that obesity starts to increase a lot in the body. In contrast, some people suddenly lose weight. In such a situation the person should have a sugar test.

These are the initial symptoms of sugar, which are often ignored. 80% of people come to know about sugar when its adverse effects start coming. Then the person makes many efforts to control the sugar, but if you do not ignore it in the beginning, then sugar can also be eliminated from the root in the initial stage.

Diabetes Side Effects

Once sugar is present, then many other diseases also start gaining foot in the body. When this disease increases too much, its terrible consequences are seen, some of which are as follows –

  1. 2% of people go blind due to sugar
  2. 35% of people succumb to blood pressure disease
  3. Kidney failure in 35 to 40% of people
  4. Chance of kidney failure in sugar increases by 50%
  5. 80% of people get some or the other disease of the eyes.
  6. Chances of heart attack are very high
  7. A lot of people stop working.
  8. 30% of people have poor memory forever
  9. Many people face sexual problems
  10. Chances of liver failure increase by 50%

These are serious side effects caused by sugar.

Ways to Control Diabetes

To control sugar, first of all consult a doctor because only the doctor can tell you how your sugar level is currently. It is just the beginning of sugar, it has increased a lot, only after knowing this you will be able to control sugar.

Some important information to overcome sugar are as follows –

  1. Walk for half an hour every morning
  2. Do not stress too much
  3. Stop eating sweet food immediately
  4. Avoid Things That Harm You
  5. Get plenty of sleep
  6. Eat food at regular time
  7. Do not eat too much together and eat little
  8. Check sugar regularly from time to time
  9. Do Yoga for 15 to 20 minutes
  10. Take time for physical exercise
  11. Lose Weight

Friends, in this article we have explained in detail about the initial symptoms of diabetes. Also share this article on your social media so that a needy person can be helped.

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