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Tips To Control Blood Sugar Level For Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Patients


High blood sugar levels can be quite fatal for patients with diabetes. In the morning, the sugar level of the body is higher than the whole day, so if this level is even a little more, then there can be a problem for the patients of diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes patients should control the problem of high blood sugar like this:

The blood sugar level of the body is found in all in the morning. This is the reason why blood test after fasting is called to detect diabetes because in this disease, blood sugar level empty stomach is also very high.

Excess high sugar can be dangerous for patients with diabetes, especially in the morning. This can cause them to faint and also affect BP, which increases the chance of heart attack and hemorrhage. This is the reason that type 1 and type 2 diabetic people are asked to pay special attention to the sugar level in the morning. This fiasco in the morning is called Don Finnamon.

If a person suffering from diabetes has a problem due to the sugar level every morning, then this problem can be reduced in some ways:

First of all, contact your doctor and tell them about your problem. It is possible that he changes the dosage or time of your medicine so that this problem can be reduced.

  1. Exercise in the evening, this will not give the sugar level a chance to increase overnight.
  2. Eat food at night about two to three hours before bedtime, so that it gets full time to digest.
  3. Avoid eating heavy food. If not, the digestive process will continue overnight, which will increase the glucose level in the blood and by morning the sugar level will be very high.
  4. Walk after eating food. This will help in food digestion. Keep in mind that walk light.
  5. Take light breakfast in the morning which does not increase the blood sugar level. Do not skip breakfast.
  6. Include more fiber in the diet, this will help to maintain the blood sugar level.
  7. Check blood sugar levels before sleeping at night. If it is more then contact your doctor.
  8. Take 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

However, keeping these things in mind, if exercise is done daily, it can help to prevent blood sugar levels from reaching a high level to a great extent. In such a situation, Exercise in the morning or evening.

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