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What are Insulin and Understanding the Whole Process


Insulin is secreted from the pancreas. It is used to control the Glucose level of our body. When it is not in an ample amount then we are affected by diabetes.

What is Insulin

The responsibility of the digestion of food is of Digestive system. The pancreas is also one of the parts of the digestive system.

There are three kinds of cells in the pancreas.

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Gamma

Beta cells present in the pancreas are those which form insulin hormone. Beta cells start dying when you are in tension or sleeplessness. This results in no formation of insulin or very little formation of insulin hence we can conclude that if you are in tension then your body will not produce the proper amount of insulin which further results in an increase in the level of diabetes.

It’s Function

Beta cells present in pancreas keep checking the glucose level under a condition that if glucose is less or more from its adequate level. If found more then insulin is secreted(so to convert them into glycogen) if not then glucose is formed. In this way, beta cells control the glucose level.

What happens when insulin is not formed

Diabetic patients can not produce an ample amount of insulin in their body. because of the formation of insulin and the level of glucose are different. If glucose level in your body is high then it is necessary to produce more insulin.

When a person eats food then glucose level is increased. To convert them into glycogen it is necessary to produce the insulin. If glycogen is not formed the glucose will directly go to the blood which is not good for health as it causes diabetes. Because the energy comes from glycogen and your muscles are not getting energy this result in a condition that only your stomach will get the food, not your muscles.
When glucose level is increased in the blood it affects its flow, pressure and other parts of the body. This result that glucose came out of the body through urine.

Note:- Very high number of urination is a sign of diabetes.

Artificial Insulin

Scientists have made artificial insulin for diabetic patients. As we know insulin injection is used when there is an excess of glucose in the body.
Some artificial insulin is as follows

  1. Bovine/Beef insulin
  2. Porcine/Pork insulin

Now a days purest insulin is produced with a technique called DNA recombination.

Insulin Formation Naturally

If you are diabetic patient and insulin production rate is less in your body then you can follow these natural ways to increase insulin.

  1. Walk – 30 minutes daily.
  2. Yoga – 11 Yoga to Reactivate Pancreas – Youtube
  3. Prayanam – Prayanam Practice For 1 Hour – Youtube
  4. Aloe vera juice
  5. Bitter gourd juice
  6. Don’t worry

Ayurvedic method for making insulin in the body.

  1. Take out the gel part of aloe vera and add a pinch of turmeric.
  2. Now start mixing it until it becomes a paste.

You can mix this with your convenience but I recommend it to do manually.
Consume this every day to increase insulin production.

Note: If you are planning to use allopathy medicines. Then
take medicines or injections related to insulin in consultation with a good doctor.

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