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What should be the level of sugar ?


It is therefore important to know how much sugar level should be in our blood because the disease of sugar is growing rapidly in India. Talking about the latest figures, every fifth person in India has diabetes. When the level of glucose increases in the blood, then the disease of diabetes is born.

Sugar Test

Every person should make a test of diabetes once a year whether it is a patient of sugar or not. The main reason for this is that nowadays people’s lifestyles are becoming very irregular.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes during the time, you can avoid many troubles by quickly controlling it. Doctors do some tests to diagnose diabetes :

  1. Normal Blood Fasting
  2. PostPrandial
  3. HBA1C

Sugar level

When a person goes to check the sugar, then he can assess the report in this way.

Normal Blood Fasting

This test is done in the morning empty stomach. This test shows that without blood sugar, how much is the amount of glucose in your blood? This is also the most important test of sugar and depending on this, doctors ensure that you have sugar or not.

Even if your sugar level is between 110 to 125, it is not a matter of panic as it is just the beginning of sugar and you should take it seriously and meet the doctor immediately and make a diet plan. If there are more than 125 sugar levels then you will have to take medicines. When the level goes up 200 mg then your urine starts getting sugar.

Post Prandial Test

This test is done 2 hours after eating. Actually, our food comes into the state of being fully digested in 2 hours and now the food starts forming glucose. This test shows that after eating, your sugar is not growing too much or is it eating too much sugar that you are eating?

In the PostPrandial Test, your sugar level should be between 110 and 140.

If the sugar level comes from 140 to 170, do not panic, but pay attention to your diet because as long as 170 sugar levels can be controlled comfortably. If your sugar level is 200 or 300 then you will have to take medicines. When the sugar level starts above 400 milligrams, you begin to feel a lot of fatigue and weakness.

HBA1C Test

This is a new test going very popular. Doctors believe more at HBA1C nowadays. Actually fasting and postprandial test can vary your daily level of sugar according to your eating habits, so the HBA1C test is proving to be very good.

In the HBA1C test, the record of sugar level of the last 3 months is seen, it is estimated that how much of your sugar remains in general.

Sugar levels are seen in the HBA1C test as follows –

4 – 6% means that you do not have sugar, that is, you are completely healthy.
6 – 7% means that you have sugar but your sugar is in very good control
7 – 8% means your level is rising and is in fine control
When the level is above 9%, understand your level is in a very bad situation

People who have sugar level 6 – 7% in the HBA1C test are called PreDiabetic i.e. you have come to the edge and now the sugar is in the very beginning stage, which you can easily control.

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