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Top 4 Yoga for Diabetes


A person must do yoga if he/she is diagnosed with diabetes. We are telling here some yoga that is effective immediately and for the patients of diabetes, they work very well.

India is called the capital of sugar. The poor lifestyle of people and the problem of irregular catering is rapidly taking people into diabetes. Every fifth person in India gets symptoms of diabetes.

According to Modern Medical Science, Diabetes is such a disease that if a person gets diabetic then he/she has to live with it whole life. Diabetes can be controlled only, it can not be completely eliminated. But according to Ayurved diabetes can be eliminated by doing yoga, Ayurvedic medicines and a little bit of change in lifestyle.

Best Yoga for Diabetes

1. Kapala Bhati Yoga

Every problem in the body begins with the stomach. The Stomach is the origin of diabetes. Kavalbhati is the best yoga for diabetes. Those people whose sugar levels are rising very much and are full of tiredness in the body, such people should do Kapala Bhati Yoga.

How to do Kapal bhati yoga to cure diabetes

To do Kapalabhati, sit in a quiet place in the morning after sitting in the palace. Think that something is stuck in your nose and you have to take it out. Leave your breath outward, leave it again and again, as if something is trapped in your nose and you want to get out. In this way, leave the breathing repeatedly outwardly.

Do not move the neck, keep the neck straight and now leave the breath faster and move the lower part of the navel inwards. It should seem that you are completely exhaling from the nose. We are also showing you this Yoga video so that you do not have any problem.

Make sure to do this Yoga for 10 minutes daily and once you see the video given below, you will understand everything.

2. Agnisaar Kriya Yoga for Diabetes

Agnisaar Kriya is best for those whose body insulin is very low. Pancreatitis is activated due to Agnisaar Kriya and the amount of insulin increases, which causes the body to control the sugar in the body.

How to do Agnisaar Kriya to cure sugar

To do this activity, sit down with a palathi and now take a long breath, now leave the entire breath out fast and your stomach should go inward as soon as you exhale. Now leave the stomach inside, slightly out inside.

Now take a long breath again and breathe out fast and the stomach should remain inside as soon as you exhale. If you are having difficulty in understanding, then definitely watch the video.

3. Anloam vilom

For the weaknesses in the body due to diabetes, do Anulom- daily and it gives a miraculous benefit. Anulom antonyms also facilitate the movement of your breath.

How to do Anloam vilom to cure sugar

To do this activity, you have to use your finger and thumb. Press your right nostril with the thumb and breathe through the left nostril and now exhale through the right nostril by removing the thumb from the right nostril. Now press the left nostril with the finger and breathe through the right nostril, now press the right nostril back with the thumb and exhale through the left nostril.

Do the same process for 15 minutes. Once inhale from the left nose, exhale from the right and then breathe from the left nose and release from the hight. The way to do this action is also mentioned in the video, so definitely watch the video.

4. Bhramari Pranayama

Diabetes increases rapidly by taking tension and in the same way diabetes decreases immediately after tension decreases. Therefore controlling your diabetes is most important to keep your brain calm. Bhramari pranayama is the best yoga of restraining the mind.

How to do Bhramari Pranayama to cure Diabetes

To do this action, close your eyes with the fingers of both your hands and close your ears with the thumbs of both hands. Make such a position on the fingers on eyes, and thumbs on the ears.

Now slowly chant the sound of “Om”. “Oooommmm” pronounce such as “om” sound for a long time. If you want, make the sound like a bhramra (bumblebee) from the mouth like a bumblebee… .. I… .. it makes such a bumblebee sound in the same way. Do this at least 5 minutes.

It begins to relieve all the tension of the mind and the mind becomes calm and there is an immediate effect on diabetes. The method of performing this action is also described in the video.

Major disadvantages of diabetes

Diabetes has a very bad effect on your whole body. Just say that diabetes affects every part of your body or has negative effects, some of these major disadvantages are as follows.

  1. Blindness
  2. Impotence
  3. Fatigue
  4. Pain in joints
  5. All Heart Disease
  6. Kidney failure
  7. Liver bad

We have only mentioned some of the major disadvantages, apart from this, there are many bad effects of diabetes on the body.

All these yoga are very beneficial for the patients of diabetes. People who say that our sugar always remains high appears blurred by the eyes, the body is always broken, those people should do all these yoga daily and you will see the effect in just 5 days.

Kapalbhati is considered the most special yoga. If you are not sure, then measure your sugar before doing Kapalbhati and then check your sugar after 15 minutes of Kapalbhati. You will see the effect immediately.

To do all these yoga properly, watch this video of Baba Ramdev from beginning to end, which will also give you complete information

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